Conquest Private

Conquest Private

You have spent your life building your wealth, let us help you preserve it for future generations.

A tailored package that aligns our wealth and tax services as well as working with our partners to ensure there is nothing for you to worry about.

Services include:

  • Estate Planning
    People often think of today and forgot to plan for tomorrow. At Conquest Private we ideally work closely with our clients chosen legal counsel in developing an estate plan. Once an estate plan is developed we ensure a regular review is maintained to accommodate changing needs.
  • Business Succession
    Often people focus their attention on operating businesses and forget about the private individuals who operate them. At Conquest, when we services a client we step back and ensure we have incorporated every entity (including individuals) in our advice.
    Our advice will not stop at taxation, we will sit down with you and map out your ideal succession plan and put steps in place to ensure you can retire knowing what you built and nurtured will continue.
  • Investment
    Working with our clients we discuss and establish goals and objectives they have. From here we are able to tailor a plan that takes into account goals, risk, asset allocation, asset location, overview and reports.
    We are able to tailor packages that offer the best opportunity for return based on individual risk profiles. Using years of knowledge and working with trusted advisors we are able to implement a long term plan to see your family through many generations.
  • Wills
    Without a will you have no control over who will benefit from your estate. Our aim at Conquest is to work with your trusted legal representative to ensure your wishes are met and your estate is transferred to your intended beneficiaries. Along with ensuring your wishes are met, we also consider the various tax issues that may arise and try to minimise any associated risk.
  • Philanthropic work
    At Conquest, we believe that giving back is the greatest service we can offer. Over the years we have developed relationships with not-for-profit organisations that allow us to offer our clients ways and means to give back to the community.

    There are many types of philanthropic models which are available, a brief summary is provided below;

    • Private Ancillary Funds or PAFS’s- provide a high degree of control over what is essentially your own charitable foundation. They must distribute at least 5% of the market value of the fund’s net assets every year. They have DGR status which allows the funds donor to claim a tax deduction.
    • Foundations – Trustee companies can act independently to establish and manage foundations and charitable trusts. Donors can act as a co-trustee or hand over control to the trustee company. They are relatively inexpensive to establish and allows donors to determine what control they would like to have.
    • Charitable Trusts with a trustee company- Trustee companies can act independently to establish and manage foundations and charitable trusts. The donor can either act as co-trustee or hand over all control to the trustee company.
    • Private Charitable Trust- Usually controlled by an individual and or family and must function solely for charitable means. They are not registered DGR’s and therefore donations are not tax deductable. The trusts are inexpensive to set up and provide a high degree of control.

    We would be happy to facilitate a structure which would be suitable for your planned philanthropy.